Built By Blacks

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by Selden Richardson

They helped build the houses and churches, dig the canal, grade the hills and construct Virginia's State Capitol--a temple-inspired symbol of democracy. 
This volume, illustrated by vintage photographs, illuminates the role slaves and free blacks played in the construction and design of one of America's most historic cities during the 17th and 18th centuries, after the Civil War, and in the early 1900s.  Although many old neighborhoods and major historic sites associated with African American history in Richmond were lost to poor planning, demolition by neglect or the desire to bury a troubled past, the achievements deserve study and appreciation.  With appreciation may come more vigorous efforts to preserve what remains architecturally of some of the most fascinating chapters of American history.
Check out the Built By Blacks Field Guide that explores twenty-seven important and historic sites and buildings that are featured in Selden Richardson's book!

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