Charles Parish York County, Virginia

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Edited by Landon C. Bell

Each clerk of a vestry of the established church of the Colony of Virginia kept two record books. In one, the vestry book, he recorded the transactions of the vestry at its various meetings, and in the other, the register, listed the births and deaths that occurred in the parish. The majority of these books have in course of time been lost, but those that remain are of very great value. To the historian the vestry books are the more important of the two kinds of record books, but to the genealogist the registers yield a greater amount of prized information.

The present volume is the Register of Charles Parish, York County, containing earlier entires than does any other Virginia church record book that has been preserved. It is on that account of unusual interest, and it is further of unusual interest and value because of the length of the period covered, 1648-1789.

Edited by Landon C. Bell.

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