To Collect, Protect, and Serve

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Kids can explore some of the Library of Virginia's collections and learn how they are conserved.

The Library of Virginia is the oldest cultural institution in the state and the official archive (a place where history is kept) and library of the Commonwealth. In the book To Collect, Protect, and Serve: Behind the Scenes at the Library of Virginia, Archie the Archivist, Libby the Librarian, and Connie the Conservator guide young readers through a visit to the Library of Virginia.

The book lets children explore some of the Librarys most important holdings - an early copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Statute of Religious Freedom, and documents connected to famous Virginians like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and Edgar Allan Poe. They will learn how archivists, librarians, and conservators battle against the threats to historical documents like the Archival Enemies - Mildred Mold, Bartholomew B. Bug, and Liquid Lenny - to keep Virginias history safe for the future.

Written by Tameka Hobbs.

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