Die Unbekante Neue Welt, oder Beschreibung des Welt-teils Amerika, und des Sud-Landes - Arx Carolina

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Die Unbekante Neue Welt, oder Beschreibung des Welt-teils Amerika, und des Sud-Landes - Arx Carolina.

Arnoldus Montanus; Jacob von Meurs.
Date of original: 1673

Dimensions: 12.60" x 14.57" (original size), 15.75" x 18.21" (125% original), 18.90" x 21.86" (150% original), 22.05" x 25.50" (175% original), 25.20" x 29.14" (200% original).  [Custom sizing also available.  Please contact us for more information.]

Coverage: Not drawn to scale

Subject: Panoramas - Fortification - French - Timucua Indians - Indians of North America - Florida - Jacksonville - Huguenot Colony, 1562-1565 - 16th Century - Aerial Views - Saint Johns River Valley - Early Works to 1800

Notes: Relief shown pictorially.  Appears to be oriented with the north toward the right.  Title is in a bannered cartouche with tassels.  Depicts the French Huguenot settlement in the Jacksonville, Florida area during the 16th century.  Shows panoramic view of a triangular-shaped fort that includes soldiers' quarters.  French ships are in the left foreground with Indians in boats in the center foreground.  Frenchmen are interacting with the Indians toward the right foreground with palm trees and other vegetation to the right.  The exact location of Fort Caroline is still in dispute but is known to have been located "on the south bank of the present-day St. Johns River [formerly River of May], a short distance inland from the sea"--McGrath.
Alan M. Voorhees Collection - The Alan M. Voorhees Map Collection extends from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle through the U.S. Civil War period with the bulk of the collection consisting of pre20th century maps. In a variety of map formats, such as nautical charts and views, the collection focuses primarily on the Chesapeake Bay area and the development of Virginia within the larger geographical and historical contexts of Europe and America.

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