Fire of Liberty in Their Hearts

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Edited by Samuel L. Horst

In the tumultuous days after the close of the Civil War, a young teacher of Pennsylvania Mennonite background made his way to the city of Lynchburg to become an instructor in the Freedmen's Bureau schools. Jacob Eschbach Yoder taught students with a deep thirst for knowledge and the "fire of liberty in their hearts." At the close of his long day's teaching, Yoder often stole a few minutes to record his experiences in a journal. The diaries, published here for the first time, provide a remarkable glimpse of daily life in the postwar South and the personal history of a young man coming of age in a time of great social change. His eyewitness account of the struggle for freedom shows a man wrestling with his own preconceptions and radical politics.

Edited by Samuel L. Horst.

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