Papers of Francis Howard Baron Howard of Effingham

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Edited by Warren M. Billings

Three hundred years ago, Francis Howard, Baron Howard of Effingham, governed Virginia from 1683 to 1692 during the transitional years after Bacon's Rebellion.  Until the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to 1689 replaced James II with William and Mary, Effingham was the chief agent of Stuart colonial policies in the Old Dominion.  He presided over seventeenth century Virginia as the colony adjusted politically and economically to the emerging mercantile world of the eighteenth century British empire.

Warren M. Billings's work is a definitive edition based on years of research in British and American archives.  The documents of Effingham's administration trace a Stuart governor and Virginia's assertive colonists as they shaped American political, economic, and legal history.  At a more personal level, Effingham's private correspondence with his beloved wife, Philadelphia, presents a tragic love story and reveals for today's reader elements of personality that contemporaries may never have known, as well as details of domestic life and material culture in England's first and enduringly significant American colony.

Edited by Warren M. Billings.

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