Vestry Book of Blisland (Blissland) Parish: New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1721-1786

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During the colonial period, not only was the Established Church, or Church of England, supreme in the religious life of Virginia but its parishes were also local governmental institutions which closely affected the people in their secular affairs. Parish records are therefore, in a true sense, official, important, and revealing. Extant vestry books and registers supplement the archives of local governments when they do not indeed supply the only existing records.

During almost the entire period covered by this vestry book (1721-1786) Blisland Parish was partly in the present New Kent County and partly in the present James City County, the records of both of which, prior to 1865, have been destroyed. This vestry book, therefore, enables us further to rescue from oblivion much of the life, customs, and names of those who helped to create Virginia. An invaluable research tool for those exploring their family history and genealogy.

Transcribed and edited by C. G. Chamberlayne.

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